The Band

Violet Crime

Violet Crime has been praised for their dual vocal performances as well as “a modern take on vintage sounds” while exploring Indie, Pop, and Soul genres.

6 months into their first three track EP release, Violet Crime sold out their last several headlining shows in Chicago.

Violet Crime will be creating their next album as their contribution to Collaboration #1. Their upcoming Summer 2019 release through Play Together is produced by Sam Guaiana (Hopeless Records, Equal Vision, among others), with additional production by Derek DiScanio, lead singer of the pop-rock act State Champs.

Press Contact: Hayley Brinkman | Big Picture Media |
Management: Aneesh Kudavaralli | Play Together |
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The Artist

Julius Bautista

Julius DC Bautista is a Chicago-based painter, visual artist, and entrepreneur. His richly textured, emotional pieces have been featured in galleries and exhibits around the city. Most recently, Bautista has done portrait work for figures such as Bono (U2), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), and Steve Easterbrook (McDonald’s) through his work with the Chicago Economic Club.

Bautista’s pieces explore the emotional and psychological realm, using surreal embellishments to help portray the subject’s inner state. Rich color blends with classical compositions, and are overlaid by embellishments referencing pop culture and Bautista’s own experience in the military. His pieces present a landscape to be explored over time; the longer you look, the more you discover in the piece, and in yourself.

Play Together is excited to release two paintings by Julius Bautista which will be turned into limited edition, hand-embellished prints inspired by the music of Violet Crime for Collaboration 1, benefiting Intonation Music.

Press Contact: Hayley Brinkman | Big Picture Media |
Management: Aneesh Kudavaralli | Play Together |
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The Cause

Intonation Music

Intonation Music is a Chicago-based music education program that partners with Chicago Public Schools to enable students to explore their limitless potential by learning to play instruments and form their own rock bands.

Intonation Music programs are offered in partnership with schools, park districts, and community organizations, and their year-round classes make music accessible to Chicago children by providing them with instruments, instruction, mentorship, and the chance to perform on stages across the city. Each Intonation student takes part in a personal and team approach to practice, setting goals, and problem solving; and over time they gain the confidence to take charge of their direction and seek out new experiences.

584 Chicago Students are currently in bands through Intonation Music from 16 different partner institutions from all over the city of Chicago.

33% of all proceeds from the sale of art and music through Collaboration #1 will be donated to the Intonation Music Cause.