How do you select your musicians?

We evaluate musicians in a similar way any traditional record label would: your music, your show history and fan base, engagement with your fans, and your overall brand.

There’s one important criteria that we consider that many other labels do not though…and it’s a musician’s capability of building community. We look for musicians that tend to play key roles in uplifting fellow artists, that put on shows themselves, that build meaningful relationships with people around them, and that generally at the center of their music community. Musicians on Play Together collaborations are storytellers and community builders.

How do you select your visual artists?

As a general rule of thumb, we look for artists that care about our mission and that we believe have the high potential to appreciate in value. Are they prolific in nature? Is their unique perspective of the world something that excites us? Are they early in their career, while already having a reputation and track record? Similar to our musicians, our artists are community builders and storytellers through their own visual medium.

How do you select your causes?

We interview all of our non-profits we work with and work with well-run organizations that are making a real impact on our city’s youth. Given we come from the education space, we evaluate organization’s curriculum, quality of instruction, quantitative degree of impact, and quality of team.

What is special about Play Together artwork? How will my art appreciate in value?

Play Together produces fine art prints (not posters). These prints are limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist. Depending on your print series purchased, your artwork may be hand embellished by the artist directly as well. While our artists paintings are often typically priced between $1,000 to $10,000 depending on size, our limited edition prints are priced between $100 to $400, and we pride ourselves on making an artist’s painting for a Play Together collaboration both accessible in numbers, and accessible in price for those that are interested in owning a piece of fine art.

Because Play Together selects prolific, high potential artists, there is potential for your art to appreciate over time. Most importantly however, we advise that you should purchase art because of its meaning and if it speaks to you in some way or form. In that regard, Play Together limited edition prints are more than just fine artwork, it’s an artist’s visualization of music, and it’s a representation of your investment in the Chicago arts community.

What kind of printing is used for Play Together artwork?

Play Together produces giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) prints that use archival inks. Printers used in giclée can spray ink as small as 1/100th the width of human hair, and this process is generally regarded by the art industry as the highest quality reproduction available.

Why do you only make so few prints?

We have a high degree of confidence that every run of prints we make will sell out, and only make a finite number of prints to maintain the value of the limited edition artwork.

How much money goes to the cause?

33% of all proceeds from any ticket sale, merchandise, or music related to one of our Collaborations go directly to the cause that Collaboration supports.

How else do you support your non profit causes?

Play Together also organizes mentorship opportunities with our artists and our youth after school music students. Currently, Intonation Music has hosted our musicians in Violet Crime for guest lectures and jam sessions with their students, while Intonation Music students have also performed at Violet Crime shows.

What services do you provide the artists on your label?

Coming from backgrounds in scaling startup companies, we are highly proficient in growth, marketing, and branding.

Play Together provides creative design services, merchandise production, music video production, fine art commissions, public relations, digital advertising, and investment capital. We also have extensive relationships in the Chicago ecosystem to help support you in your growth.

After the Kickstarter pre-order, how can I purchase?

Once pre-orders are completed for a Collaboration, we release an online storefront directly on our site playtogether.co where you can purchase directly. Our musicians will sell merchandise such as apparel and music at their shows. Depending on the show given the delicate nature of our produced artwork, we may or may not have Play Together prints for sale at a concert.